Counties by FIPS code in Maine and Nebraska and the congressional district in which they sit (in 2020). Note that Kennebec county, Maine doesn't fully fit into congressional district Maine-1, though it mostly does so I've put it there.

Data license: CC BY-SA 4.0 · Data source: John Keefe

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Link rowid ▼ county fips cong_dist
101 Thayer NE 31169 Nebraska-3
102 Thomas NE 31171 Nebraska-3
103 Thurston NE 31173 Nebraska-1
104 Valley NE 31175 Nebraska-3
105 Washington NE 31177 Nebraska-1
106 Wayne NE 31179 Nebraska-3
107 Webster NE 31181 Nebraska-3
108 Wheeler NE 31183 Nebraska-3

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